Erasmus Convocation

Thu, Jul 5, 2007 @ 19:52
West Hampstead, London

Dad was able to grab a couple of shots of me before the professional photographer took his.

The culmination of 18 months of school and two years of an amazing experience, the 2005 intake of Erasmus Mundus Network and eBusiness Centred Computing students finally graduated. And what a ride it has been. I put up a few of the graduation day photos taken with my camera either by myself or my father – it isn’t extensive, but if gives you a bit of an idea of the day. There were dozens of camera flashes going off at all times so I know there are more and likely different shots out there, and if possible I will try to link to them or provide them somehow.

So, after that part of our journey is complete, it is on tomorrow to Spain, and part two of the trip begins. At that point, I will be out of touch from the Internet, so pray for me at night that I can make it so long without connection. Hasta luego.