September 2000 until May 2005

Ah, university.

It is truly a transformative time in any young person’s life. And I know that is what happened for me. These articles, rants, updates and other short pieces of writing and imagery are all part of that process.

I attended Dalhousie University in Halifax, NS, Canada from 2000 until 2005. In that time I created quite a few websites and wrote a lot of PHP. :) My main personal site at the time was rhuvok.com which I hosted on the computer science faculty’s web server. Over ten years later, it is still running there. However, I’ve taken the content from that site, and with a bit of tweaking, I’ve collected it here, where it will live alongside content from my later schooling and professional life.

Unfortunately I don’t have recorded content going all the way back to 2000, so we will have to be content with 2001 onward.